The Affordable Housing Summit

Evelyn Santizo

As a Business Development Professional with over 20+ years of experience, it has allowed me to connect with various diverse Entrepreneurial clients at a deeper level, understanding the inherent complexities of development of a Business Plan, Marketing and Sales for any new or existing business which has allowed me to shine.
What makes me unique is that I tend to think outside the box. I am innovative, adaptable, resilient, and entrepreneurial in my approach towards business opportunities.
I have a thirst for continuously reinventing myself and believe every experience in life is meant to teach us something new and that we must harvest and embrace those opportunities that arise in a moment’s notice without warning.
  • General Partner for Land Development & Acquisitions
  • Managing Broker- Prestige Properties Group
  • 20+ years of experience As a Business Development Professional
  • Marketing and Sales Expertise¬†
  • I am an outside-of-the-box thinker – innovative, adaptable, resilient, and entrepreneurial¬†
  • Thirst for continuously reinventing myself