The Affordable Housing Summit

Mark J. Richardson

Mark J. Richardson is the Chief Technology Officer at Rich Analytics. He has 25+ Years of consultingexperience with public-sector clients at all-levels of Government in Canada, and was part of the City of Toronto’s Open Data Advisory Group which helped define the City’s first official Open Data Master Plan in 2018, and was a citizen-member of the City of Toronto’s Planning Review Panel (2015-2017).
Mark is the Founder and Technical-Lead of the affordable-housing tracking and transparency project since 2019. Using common tools such as Google maps, photographs, videos and data-visualization, removes industry jargon, thereby minimizing misinformation and enhancing transparency and opportunities for genuine civic engagement. The project was given an Innovation Spotlight by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in 2021.
He is an active ULI volunteer with the Terwilliger Center for Housing in Washington, DC – and a regular collaborator on urban affordable housing innovation projects with University of Toronto’s School of Cities, and Toronto Metropolitan Universities’ School of Urban and Regional Planning.