The Affordable Housing Summit

Mike Gruber

Mike is customer centric & curious by nature, his business development, sales leadership, and modular off-site construction background positions him to drive positive social change within the industry to accelerate affordable housing initiatives. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a passion for modular construction, is evident from his experiences at 720 Modular and @blacksteelhouse on Instagram.
Having spent over 15 years at BlackBerry and other technology companies, Mike has a deep understanding of high-growth business environments. His expertise lies in leading clients to successful outcomes, focusing on customer value and company growth. make him a valuable asset to any organization.
Mike is a seasoned leader enhancing customer experience and optimizing processes for positive social impact to advance affordable housing initiatives. His problem-solving skills and customer-centric approach are foundation for collaboration with Municipalities, Not for Profits, and modular stakeholders to bring affordable housing ideas to life.
An avid advocate for affordable modular housing, he employs an educational framework to raise industry awareness and understanding, highlighting the advantages of modular off-site construction. By leveraging his experience from the mobile phone industry, he envisions a scenario where the modular construction industry can evolve rapidly, addressing challenges and seizing opportunities.
Imagine if … the modular construction industry could evolve at the speed of the mobile phone industry?