The Affordable Housing Summit

Nation Cheong

For 25 years, Nation has been deeply committed to community development, dedicating his professional career and personal efforts to fostering caring, safe and culturally vibrant communities. His journey began at the grassroots level, starting at Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Center, where he led children and youth programs and supported adults with mental health and substance use challenges, laying a strong foundation for his dedication to community upliftment.
Progressing to leadership roles, including Director of the Youth Challenge Fund and United Way’s Youth Success Strategy, Nation championed the positive development of Black, Indigenous, and racialized youth across the Greater Toronto Area, driving initiatives aimed at their empowerment and success.
In his role as Vice President of Community Opportunities and Mobilization, Nation led United Way’s Research and Public Policy, Public Affairs, and Strategic Initiatives. He was instrumental in developing United Way’s Reconciliation and Equity Action Plan and the Indigenous Partnership Council, demonstrating his commitment to reconciliation and equitable community impact.
Currently, as the Vice President of Community Impact and Mobilization, Nation leads a dynamic team that drives United Way’s community service investments and systems solutions. Together, they collaborate with partners across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to deliver equitable neighbourhood-level outcomes.