The Affordable Housing Summit

Utcha Sawyers

Utcha Sawyers is a dedicated leader, compassionate listener, and fervent advocate for communities, with a rich blend of personal experience navigating financial poverty and a deep understanding of the social inequities facing racialized communities in Toronto. Utcha’s journey as a life skills coach and traditional wellness steward has been instrumental in fostering balance, grounding, and heightened insight throughout a robust career in community and social development services.
Having served as Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough since 2017, Utcha oversees the operational direction and delivery of vital programs and services to over 3600 young people, families, and seniors across East Scarborough. Under Utcha’s leadership, the organization has experienced remarkable growth, including the expansion to include a standalone youth center and spearheading the animation of the Yemoja Village Affordable Housing Initiative, prioritizing the needs of Black and Indigenous youth.
Leading the direction of the Social Enterprise revenue streams at FoodShare Toronto from 2011 to 2017, Utcha led all food justice management roles, managed community development components, and provided mentorship to colleagues within the organization. She has served on the boards of various organizations, including Food Secure Canada and Sankofa Cultural Literacy & Development. Utcha’s commitment to social justice and community empowerment has been recognized through awards such as the Vital Peoples Award from Toronto Communities Foundation and acknowledgment from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for her accomplishments within the food security and sovereignty sector.
Utcha’s passion for community empowerment, coupled with her extensive experience and expertise, make her a valuable asset to BGC East Scarborough, an organization committed to fostering equity, justice, and resilience within communities.