The Affordable Housing Summit

Zhen Liang

Growing up as an immigrant in Toronto was difficult. I was constantly forced to move around from property to property. During my childhood, I moved 12 times and never had a place that I could truly call home. This insecurity and instability presented many obstacles and challenges for me when I was younger, especially since I saw my single mother struggle to make ends meet. I knew I had to change my lifestyle for myself and my family.
I followed the traditional path that most immigrant families live by, that is, go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. I went to the University of Waterloo, graduated and got a job out of school that paid well.
Little did I know though that my world would eventually get turned upside down by an unexpected email notifying me that my corporate job would be terminated. Luckily, I had my real estate license and could pursue this further while being out of a job in the corporate world. This was a blessing and a curse as I could still make a living with my real estate license even without a full-time corporate job, but to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of selling real estate at the time. I had a disliking for the real estate profession and understood why there are so many bad stereotypes for Realtors. However, after I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it changed my perspective and way of thinking. I was inspired to start my real estate investing career. I became entranced and engulfed with everything related to real estate investing. I consumed thousands of hours of podcasts, tons of books, and attended countless training seminars to be a better real estate investor. It was fantastic!
Even though at the beginning it was a rocky relationship with my Realtor career, it eventually struck me one day – I could help my clients do what I did with real estate investing in order to create wealth, retire early, have financial freedom and most importantly, have options in life outside of the 9-5 grind. With that mindset, I set out to create Prime Properties TO out of sheer frustration with the lack of transparency in the real estate profession and so that I can better serve and educate the public on how to correctly invest in real estate. I’ve helped clients create thousands of dollars in cash flow and more than millions in equity gains since embarking on this journey with Prime Properties TO. I’ve been lucky enough to find a true passion in real estate and it’s been fulfilling to know that I’m able to use my knowledge and expertise to help many others reach their goals and dreams as well.